Under Construction


My name is Matt. The Yarny site is currently offline due to a massive overhaul. Yes, this process has taken a very long time. I am truely sorry for that. Other job responsibilies and lack of people-power have made it impossible to complete everything required to bring Yarny back. There have been a couple votes on whether we should even continue the effort and I have voted to keep this site alive every time. If there is a choice between Yarny coming back some day or not at all I'll take the first option every time. I Just wish I had more time.

Anyway, COVID-19 didn't kill me and I hope it didn't kill anyone else out there. Yarny is probably more needed now than ever before. Just know that I still have not given up. We are on the final stretch and soon the good site will be back from the graveyard.

I cannot give an exact date by when everything will be fixed. I can say there is only one major project that stands in the way and this project is nearly completed. Yarny itself should not take more than a couple days of dedicated work.