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Greetings, Yarny friends.

I'm excited to have a few lines of prose adorning the walls of this fabulous interactive writing site. I'm just rambling on a Yarny page, so bear with me and please forgive any grammar feaupaux as my editors are busy cleaning up yet another Perpetual manuscript. Read into that what you will.


I began writing Perpetual many years ago based on and in reaction to my own experiences with government intervention, corporate cutthroat competition, and having to deal with downright criminals. Soon, Perpetual became a mammoth work with many tentacles of suspense and conspiracy. When I woke up, suddenly there were over 400,000 words in one manuscript. I threw ice cold water into my eyes and made a few inquiries into the publishing world. "What?" I queried. "What is that you say? A first time author of suspense fiction should keep the manuscript to 100,000 words?" That was a shock. I went back to work and the trilogy was born, or reborn, or remanufactured, or -- well, you get the idea.


Perpetual II is in the final throws of editing and Perpetual III is in yet another rewrite stage. Perpetual IV which was Perpetual X (2090), is outlined and half written. To me, P4 is the coup de grace of the series, and sometimes I wonder if the world will see it before it's too late. I think of Stieg Larsson, "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo", and how he finished the trilogy and . . . he was gone. The word posthumous took on a new meaning. I think of the movie I saw last night, based on a short story by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers who also co-wrote the screenplay, and the prime plot point: "Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day." If you go see the movie, wait through to the end of the credits. There is a small two second surprise which sort of answers the pressing question slapping you in the face. Speaking of movies, in January of 2011 a major producer bought the rights to Perpetual the Novel, for Perpetual the Movie. We are hopeful and the wheels of Hollywood are turning, so keep your eyes open and ears to the ground.


But, I segue. If all goes well, you will have the opportunity to read Perpetual IV which only you and I now know answers the premise questions: If we solve our environmental and energy issues, where will we be in the year 2090, and, what if we don't. Stay tuned. I hope you love Perpetual the novel, now on Kindle and Nook. Please write me with your reactions and questions.


Best wishes, and never stop writing, never stop writing, never stop writing. That's a paraphrase of something Winston Churchill once said. Okay, now you can see why I write pseudo-hisorically accurate fiction instead of nonfiction.


Here is the Dust Jacket summary and the two minute elevator pitch for Perpetual the Novel and Perpetual the Movie.


No government or corporation

will control CJ Energy.

My discovery will be free for the world,

or nobody benefits!


His own words haunt Dr. Jackson after his wife's suspicious death. Can a reclusive man at a Lake Michigan compound, surrounded by security tighter than the White House, protect his son and himself from ever-powerful enemies? A generation later, an all-American whiz kid named Matthew Eaton learns the answer to that question. Who, if anyone, will control Dr. Jackson's miracle of science?


The Perpetual series bursts off the first page when Matthew witnesses three men gunned down before his eyes. But not before he and Maria are handed the keys to solving one of society's greatest dilemmas--how the world can fuel its insatiable energy demands. Drawn by a chance encounter into the life of a charismatic stranger called Cracker Jack, Matthew is soon dodging bullets from evildoers--to whom profit trumps life.


While Matthew and Maria take flight along the East Coast in a battered VW Bus, seemingly unrelated events unfold around the globe, some set in motion decades before Matthew was born. Can Matthew trust those closest to him? Can he trust the FBI? Can he trust anyone?


Pitted against daunting forces--U.S. government-trained assassins, the oil industry, and Middle Eastern Islamic extremists--trouble abounds for Matthew and Maria at every turn. Their allies, a disheveled FBI agent and a mysterious philanthropic tutor, may be helpless to save them. Matthew faces choices that inevitably alter his fate and the future of all those around him, choices that could change the entire world.



Good reading and writing to all of you Yarny writers.


Brian Huey

The Perptual Writer

Perpteual the Novel is available wherever books are sold. Now available on Kindle and Nook -- take a look.

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